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  • Driving Inclusive Economic Growth and Prosperity for all our Stakeholders

  • Investing And Partnering with SME Businesses

    Invest in sectors that are poised for growth - driven by technological innovation.

  • Collaborating And Connecting People

    Fostering a culture of open communication and information sharing

our Purpose

To make a positive financial and social impact in South Africa and the world by being a catalyst for inclusive economic growth and prosperity for all our stakeholders

Making A Positive Financial And Social Impact

Our Values
We value South Africa’s diverse people and know that diverse experience and thinking positions us well for meeting present and future business challenges and opportunities.
We value and promote a can do, learning and resilient culture where our people see possibilities and opportunities instead of obstacles.
We are action oriented, and we value people that possess an unstoppable drive to succeed in whatever they do.
We are a purpose driven organisation and we strive to do business in a sustainable manner by acting responsibly, respecting nature and balancing the needs of all our stakeholders for the long term.
We value the unique attributes of each member of our team and aim to create an environment where their potential can be fully realised. We promote individual ownership and empowerment
We strive to exceed our clients and partner’s expectations by being proactive, constantly improving ourselves and listening to our clients.
We believe in fostering a culture of open communication, information sharing and trust among our team, partners and clients in order to come up with sustainable business solutions.
Our Business

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Focus 1

Investing And Partnering with SME Businesses

Provide growth equity capital to small medium sized businesses. Invest in sectors that are poised for growth, driven, amongst others

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Focus 2

Mentoring And Advisory Business Services

Provide high impact business and personal mentorship to startups and its Founders...

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focus 3

Investing In Human Capital Excellence

Partner our clients to solve the following problems – ATTRACTION, ENGAGEMENT, ADVANCEMENT AND RETENTION of their female talent and leaders..

Emunah Development Foundation

We have established the Foundation as the vehicle to drive our community development and social investment initiatives, in keeping with Emunah’s objectives of promoting equal opportunities for inclusive economic growth.

The Foundation will offer broad based support services to women entrepreneurs in the informal sectors in rural and township areas, for example, free training and access to markets and mentorship. We will allocate 10% of our dividends towards the Foundation.

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Our key stakeholders
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