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Emunah Development Foundation

We have established the Foundation as the vehicle to drive our community development and social investment initiatives, in keeping with Emunah’s objectives of promoting equal opportunities for inclusive economic growth.

The Foundation will offer broad based support services to women entrepreneurs in the informal sectors in rural and township areas, for example, free training and access to markets and mentorship. We will allocate 10% of our dividends towards the Foundation. The Foundation will also support youth training and development in partnership with established NGO’s in the education and youth empowerment areas.

The Foundation’s work will act as the catalyst for stimulating sustainable small business development as well as futureproofing our youth by providing them with the necessary technical and soft skills to be able to participate fully in the economy.

The Foundation’s work in turn links directly to Emunah’s overall strategy and its three focus areas , namely Investing in SMEs both financially and by providing mentorship and advisory services and Investing in Human Capital Excellence. The Foundation has been allocated equity in the company to enable it to be sustainable.

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